Our Team

Solution oriented and creative

Our Team is known by its creative solutions, especially in times of deadlocks and/or when it seems impossible to proceed with a transaction at hand. We, as lawyers, have to be creative in advising clients instead of locking up all the doors and being deal breakers. We know that there is always a tailor-made solution for each client, only waiting to be found by an expert. We are always at our clients’ side by protecting them against downstream risks, without being deal-killers or jeopardizing transactions. We never forget our primary role, which is facilitating clients’ legitimate business desires.

Experts in regulated sectors

We have a strong background in advising clients who are operative in heavily regulated sectors, which require not only being more than familiar with the legislation, but also a skeptical perspective for each and every move to keep a company on the safe side. The Team’s expertise helps our clients to receive high quality legal services and do the right thing on time for the sake of good order.

Communication centered and strong network 

Strong legal practice requires strong communication skills – not only in negotiating transactions, but also in dealing with official authorities. Our professionals are described by clients as great communicators with all parties around the table, by sticking to clients’ needs and interests.

Hayri DİRİ

Founding Partner


Managing Partner

Mehtap DİRİ



Of Counsel


Trainee Lawyer

H. Handan DİRİ

Of Counsel


Of Counsel


Tax and Accounting Specialist